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Research Report: 2020 air carts

Our latest Research Report looks at air seeder carts.

Research Reports

12 JUN 2020

Research Report: 2020 Communications and technology

See how the Internet of Things and communications technology can help on the farm.

Research Reports

18 MAY 2020

2020 Sheep handlers

Sheep handlers continue to improve in quality and their applications on farm.

Research Reports

15 APR 2020

Agritechnica 2019

The latest cutting edge technology and developments from Agritechnica in Germany.

Research Reports

08 JAN 2020

Tracked Tractors

Tracked tractors tested in WA.

Research Reports

11 DEC 2019

Research Report: Large square balers

Getting the best bang for your baling buck.

Research Reports

14 NOV 2019

Research Report: 2019 Fertiliser spreaders

Spreaders put to the test.

Research Reports

24 OCT 2019

Sheep infrastructure

Learn about the latest in sheep infrastructure.

Research Reports

18 SEP 2019

Grain Aeration Systems

Good aeration can be a sound investment when it comes to grain storage.

Research Reports

29 AUG 2019

Tined seeder options

We look at the latest in tined seeders and what's popular with broadacre farmers.

Research Reports

13 JUN 2019

Mobile phones update

The latest phones get a thorough workout by Kondinin Group's researchers.

Research Reports

15 MAY 2019

Self-propelled sprayers update

Kondinin Group's latest self-propelled sprayer testing.

Research Reports

08 MAY 2019