Mouse forum to be held this week

A WORSENING mouse problem in some of Australia’s key cropping regions will be addressed at a specially convened online forum this week.
Mouse forum to be held this week Mouse forum to be held this week Mouse forum to be held this week Mouse forum to be held this week Mouse forum to be held this week

Staff writer

The nation's grain growers and their advisers will be briefed on the situation during a special Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) online Mouse Update this Friday.

Mice are ravaging freshly-planted summer crops in parts of northern New South Wales and Queensland, and large numbers are being reported elsewhere across eastern and southern states.

Concern is mounting about further impact to summer crops ahead of grain fill and harvest and the potential threat to the 2021 winter grain crop.

The live streamed mouse Update will enable growers to hear directly from GRDC-supported experts from the CSIRO, who will provide the latest insights into the extent of the issue and practical mouse management advice for now and in the lead up to summer crop harvest and the sowing of winter crops.

GRDC manager Pests, Leigh Nelson, said the Mouse Update has been convened in response to the escalation in rodent numbers and the damage being caused.

"The need for such a forum has been identified by farmer representative organisation AgForce, and the GRDC has swiftly responded by organising an online Grains Research Update through Independent Consultants Australia Network (ICAN)," Dr Nelson said.

"The Mouse Update will be an important platform for sharing information and discussing tactics to reduce the threat - now and over the coming months in advance of northern summer crop grain fill and harvest and winter crops going in the ground, including those in Victoria and South Australia where mouse numbers are also of concern in some areas.

"The convenient online format - which has proven successful since the COVID-19 pandemic limited face-to-face forums - will enable growers, advisers and others across the nation to hear from the experts and be informed."

The interactive Update will feature GRDC-supported mouse researcher Steve Henry from the CSIRO, who will deliver an assessment of the current situation in all states.

Henry will also discuss:

  • Critical mouse control considerations ahead of the summer crop harvest and in the lead up to autumn sowing of winter crops
  • Maximising the effectiveness of control using zinc phosphide
  • The latest research on baits
  • Monitoring, including the development of remote systems
  • Ecology - the impact of farming systems on mice.

The Mouse Update will begin at 9am AEDT (8am Queensland, 8:30am SA and 6am WA). For further information and to register, contact John Cameron or Erica McKay at ICAN on (02) 9482 4930 or

The Update will be recorded and available for viewing and downloading via the GRDC website.


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