High fibre Aussie wheat finds favour in Japan

AUSTRALIAN grain growers are producing a new type of bread wheat that delivers up to 10 times more fibre than standard wheat flour.
High fibre Aussie wheat finds favour in Japan High fibre Aussie wheat finds favour in Japan High fibre Aussie wheat finds favour in Japan High fibre Aussie wheat finds favour in Japan High fibre Aussie wheat finds favour in Japan

A new high fibre wheat is being exported to Japan’s leading flour miller. Photo courtesy of Limagrain.

Staff writer

The high fibre wheat is the result of a 20-year research project by Arista Cereal Technologies - a joint venture between the CSIRO and the French farmer-led cooperative Limagrain.

Selected Australian growers will soon be harvesting the new wheat for export to Japan where miller, Nisshin Flour Milling Inc. will produce the high fibre flour for local food manufacturers.

"The breakthrough means food companies can offer consumers the benefits of high fibre in foods like bread, cakes, pastry and noodles, while retaining the preferred taste and texture of a white flour," Arista chief executive officer Eric Vaschalde said.

The high fibre content is provided by a much higher level of resistant starch in the wheat grain. The resistant starch is a fermentable fibre that resists digestion in the small intestine. As a result, the fibre content can move into the large intestine where it contributes to gut health.

Consumer products made with the new flour, including pizza crusts, tortillas and noodles, have already been launched in the United States.

CSIRO researchers are delighted to see their innovation reaching global markets and Nisshin Flour Milling is continually looking for new opportunities in flour and wheat.

The company has evaluated the new high fibre wheat in various food products and, in April, formalised an agreement to distribute the flour in Japan.

"Wheat-based products are widely used in Japan and we intend to promote Australia's high fibre wheat to all food industries seeking a health benefit for their consumers," a Nisshin spokesperson said.

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