Wheat Master List needs your help

IN preparation for the release of this year’s Wheat Variety Master List in September, Wheat Quality Australia (WQA) is calling for feedback from industry about the identification of old varieties for notification of removal in 2017, to be effective in 2019.
Wheat Master List needs your help Wheat Master List needs your help Wheat Master List needs your help Wheat Master List needs your help Wheat Master List needs your help

Mark Saunders

“In recent years WQA has been undertaking a rationalisation of the Wheat Variety Master List to ensure that it is as relevant and user friendly as possible, and that it references only the most advanced varieties with optimum yield, quality and disease resistance characteristics,” WQA chairman Dr Don Plowman said.

“The rationalisation process involves partitioning varieties classified more than 10 years ago into two groups. Group 1 are varieties representing less than 0.1% of deliveries in any port zone over the last five seasons and Group 2 are the remaining varieties more than 10 years old that are still delivered at more than 0.1%.

“Group 1 varieties are flagged for removal subject to an industry consultation process, while Group 2 varieties are assessed by the Wheat Variety Classification Panel to determine if they meet the current classification standards.”

Dr Plowman said despite the apparent lack of relevance of some varieties in the bulk trade, it is very important breeders, growers, traders and end users were consulted to ensure their removal does not have any negative effect on production or marketing.

Whenever a variety is identified for downgrade or removal from the Master List, a two-year notification period is triggered to allow sufficient time for growers and the trade to adjust.

Responses, providing clear reasons why one of the identified varieties should be retained on the Master List, should be made no later than June 30th.

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