Growers estimate SPC Ardmona's latest cuts to quotas for canning fruit in Victoria's Goulburn Valley could cost the industry tens of millions of dollars.

Next year the fruit processor will reduce its intake of peaches and pears by 20,000 tonnes, leaving many growers without a home for their fruit.

John Wilson, general manager of Fruit Growers Victoria now hopes the state and federal governments can step in and offer assistance.

"We're looking at putting together a program which will have support for transition and for exit for the industry," he said.

"Of course that means we'll be asking government to put some money into the program.

"That'll be a painful experience both ways, but a necessary one."

SPC expects to meet with all affected growers over the coming weeks.

The company says it continues to lose market share against imported private label canned fruit and high Australian dollar isn't helping.

Mr Wilson says he supports the company's push to convince major retailers to stock only Australian fruit in their home brands.

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