Now correct me if I am wrong. And as most of you would be all too well aware, the last time I was wrong was that time I thought I was wrong.

But isn't Joe "Shut Em Down" Ludwig the premier voice of agriculture in Australia?
The man, who without a moment's hesitation, consideration or consultation, singlehandedly did his best to sink Australia's live export industry?
And is it not the same man who now is backing away, as fast as his slippery little feet can gain traction, from the latest shemozzle brought to us again, courtesy of the ABC - again.
What's more, it's on Australian soil this time.
A place where theoretically even Jumpin' Joe Crash might actually have some real influence and be able to do something positive without destroying an entire industry.
But oh, no. Not our boy.
All of a sudden we see a Canberra big shot holstering his pistols and saying this is a problem for the states and territories.
It has nothing to do with him.
What has taken place at the Western Sydney-based Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors is unforgiveable and inexcusable - and on so many levels.
But for an industry under growing siege from the powerful and very media savvy vegetarian activist fringe, to behave in such a manner simply beggars belief.
So if Australia's global reputation in the livestock industry was left somewhat in tatters after Indonesia, albeit by default and with Joe's best efforts bungling it along, what must the more astute heads be thinks of this, and his, latest effort?
Or lack thereof.
If Julia Gillard wants to demonstrate true leadership, rather than rearranging seating at the Cabinet table, she should sack Joe.
And get agriculture the minister it deserves, one who knows something about the industry, and what's more, cares for it.
Joe cannot tick any of the above boxes.
Australia's farmers are a cornerstone of this country. Not just economically but also historically and socially.
They are an intrinsic part of the fabric which is modern Australia and yet here we have Pontius Ludwig only too happy to wash his hands of anything requiring any kind of proactive and positive action.
He's happy to jump abroad the overseas jaunts, is obviously capable of cocking things up, and once again has fallen at the first hurdle of responsibility and responsible involvement.
Every farmer in Australia, not just the red meat industry, should be phoning/writing/calling/texting/tweeting/emailing/Facebooking or whatever their local MP, Gillard and Ludwig, demanding he go.
You cannot be Australia's minister of anything and treat the area of your portfolio with such ignorance and incompetence.
And survive.
Hiding behind legislation is no substitution for failing to do your job.
Joe, you must go.
Now there's a chant custom-made for the first picket line outside his office.
It will also look good on big protest banners.
"Joe Must Go".
It works for me because quite clearly Joe does not.