There was a time when I thought I had the potential to be a great writer.
Albeit of fiction.
My most spectacular moments seemed to crop up around June 30 every year.
When out of nowhere I could imagine new tractors, overseas holidays that were business trips, and, in my finest moments, even an extra child or two.
How sad is it then that the only people who ever cast their eyes over these gems were my accountant and some unseen flunkies at the tax office.
Fortunately those flunkies, and there must have been a small army of them by now, never had the imagination of their own to look at my work and suddenly say to themselves: "What the hey? This stuff is good enough for a story it is so fantastic".
Well that's enough about me as the great Australian novelist.
This year June 30 means something a lot scarier, and it too should be out of a book of fiction.
Because on July 1 the carbon tax - that tax we would never, ever, never have under a Gillard government - becomes law.
And from what I can work out we will really start paying through the nose then.
If we thought the layers of red tape and paperwork we now wade through in the world of small business was bad, wait for this.
Because without doubt there will be several new layers of bum-shining bureaucrats required to implement and administer the new tax.
Followed by legions of accountants and lawyers to interpret it.
While prices and the cost of living keep on climbing to try and offset it.
So there will be no surprises when we find out who will fund this lot.
Yep, us again.
Actually I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how paying the highest carbon tax in the world is going to have any impact on a situation which not even the scientific community has agreed exists.
Until recently my closest encounter with carbon was the paper I used to put in my old typewriter.
Although the missus has a shiny bit of it on her finger and not even that cost me as much as this carbon tax is going to.
But what scares me the most is that when Gillard and her gang are tipped out at the next election, can we trust the incoming government to let such a cash cow slip through its fingers?
Remember, these are politicians we are talking about.
You would rather your daughter brought home a used car salesman wouldn't you?
Fortunately for my blood pressure, and for your eyes, I am not given enough space to really get started about politicians and what I think they are worth.
I know, I know, they're like umpires at the footy.
It's hard to play the game without them, but have you ever met anyone who liked even one of them?
They are the ultimate chameleons.
All over you when they want your vote but beyond your reach once they get elected.
Until the next election, when they will tell any lie, make up any story and sink to any depth to ensure they get their snout back in the trough.
Which brings me back to the carbon tax and the next election.
I guess whoever gets in it won't really matter.
They really are just carbon copies of each other.